Unbranded and home on the range.

No Apologies

Man what the heck, first time’s supposed to be FREE. Anyways.

Horseshoe Valley Resort, MSA Ski Trip 2007. Had about 350 peeps come to carve up the slopes.

Afterwards I spent a few days sore all over. Rested.

And now I’m itching to go back. 😀

This time I hope I can use downed ski-jockeys as takeoff ramps, aww hell yea so I can kiss me some big blue sky. *muah*


Filed under: Current Affairs, Ghetto, Miscellany

3 Responses

  1. BeerOot says:

    ya walad let us know when youre going down next time

  2. Maverick says:

    Maybe in about a month or so, depends on everyone’s school and work schedules.

  3. BeerOot says:

    hey I heard Awadi went for his first time?

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