Unbranded and home on the range.

Super delusional and super patriotic?


Today while driving to work, I was annoyed by this bumper sticker on a filthy Ford Focus in front of me. Despite all the grime, I could see that it read:

“If you don’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.” Read the rest of this entry »


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Why you gotta BE SO JEALOUS?!

This one’s for the ladies.

There’s different kinds of jealousy. The right kind and the wrong kind.

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Error: Out of Memory.

The majority of times I have a fairly decent memory, regarding events, things, etc. And when it comes to names of people, connecting them with their faces, I’ve never had a problem – alhamdulillah.

Until now. 😦 Read the rest of this entry »

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Random cranial diarrhea

Okay. I have way too much random crap floating around in the space formerly known as the Dark Abyss, a.k.a my brain. Usually the self-eject mechanism goes on every Friday evening but last week there was a nuclear meltdown and cranial reactors B4 through D9 went belly up. Which is why all the overflow is going here. Read the rest of this entry »

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is worth way more than that. This photo is so freaking awesome, so unbelievably pregnant with meaning. and if you’re not Canadian [alas, poor you] then you Just. Won’t. Understand.

You take our poutine away and we’ll make the Paris street riots look like kindergarten sleepy time. We’ll make the Mongol hordes look like a bunch of Amish girls out picking daisies. Hell hath no fury like a Canadian denied poutine.



Click here for the original, plus comments.

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Subprime Redux – Death Dealers

Wall Street never learns.

Despite causing one of the biggest financial crises in world history via the subprime debacle, Wall Street is back on the prowl like a serial murderer, and this time, its getting a lot more hideous. As the NY Times details in a story yesterday, Wall Street banks have whipped up a new plot that screams SUBPRIME MELTDOWN in a piercing, 120-decibel blast so shocking it leaves you gasping for breath as you try to figure out how low this class of humanity can go in its pursuit for fatter paychecks and super-padded bottom lines.

Details: Read the rest of this entry »

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Dressed to kill?

What is it about classy, sharp dressing that makes people so uncomfortable? Why do people [particularly guys] willingly wallow in the cesspool of pseudo-slobby mediocrity when it comes to self-appearance? And because they can’t find the willpower or motivation to dress nicely when they go out, they resort to showering thinly veiled deprecatory remarks upon those who do make the effort to step up their game?

(Misery loves company? Who knew.)

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OMG I’m so sorry! … I thought you were a man.

You know what annoys me a bit?

When you’re standing outside the main prayer hall at wherever – the masjid, the community center, the mall basement, – wherever. And its like Jum’ah time right. So, the hall is packed (mashallah). Guys cant get in. Plenty of them are standing outside at the doors, listening to the khateeb. Okay, fabulous.

Then you have these Johnny-come-latelys who arrive literally like five seconds before the khateeb begins the final dua before salatul Jum’ah starts and … either their mothers didn’t teach them any manners, or these guys think they’re freaking Super VIPs – they just push, step in front, or insolently elbow their way through the small crowd, just oh so determinnnnnned to get into the prayer hall. Meanwhile, everyone else outside understands that hey, yeah we do have extra linen sheets which will be passed back, and no big deal, we’ll pray outside the hall. Okay, cool.

So I see this one guy just injecting himself into the crowd, and the iqamah is already done, the khateeb is just being considerate and waiting for the all-clear signal from the back. Read the rest of this entry »

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Into the dark abyss of horrific depravity.

Normally I don’t write about news events.

I don’t feel the need to. I have a really high tolerance level for the non-stop torrent of bad news day in, day out. The collapsing economy. People losing their jobs. People dying in senseless bloodshed. Murder, war, death, destruction, rampant shirk, rape and pillage, inhuman savagery, child abuse, indescribable torture, massive corruption, etc.

None of this makes me flinch or bat a single eyelid. Being a descendant of Dawud [AS], I’m a freakin’ awesomely unstoppable steam-rollin’ freight train. You can throw all the bad news you have at me and I’ll just smile at ya and keep right on comin’. This is the world I live in, and there’s always the bright side, there’s always the eternal hope I have for the celestial amount of khayr and goodness that humanity has within itself.

I honestly thought I had seen and heard most – if not all – of the depraved ugliness that humans can be capable of.

Until today.

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Gentlemen. I expect better.

You know, I dunno. I thought once a decent Muslim guy (living here in the West, educated, deeny, etc) gets past the age of 25, he should just know better. He’s been around enough at school and at work to be able to observe more refined conduct towards a wide range of society, if not pretty much all segments of the same. But there are always exceptions. Within the span of one week, fate brought three separate incidents to my notice, and all three involved Muslim guys showing either an appalling lack of chivalry or outright jerkiness.

Which brought to my mind a comment I wrote for Sr. Jannah’s blog not too long ago and I’d like to repeat it here, given the fact that one option I just don’t have is to drop a guy’s knees out from under him and introduce his face to cold hard asphalt, if he behaves like a jerk. Read the rest of this entry »

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