Unbranded and home on the range.

Adrenaline Addict

I can’t help it, its just automatic. 

The natural adrenaline injection into the system just overpowers everything else and my entire being … my mind, my eyesight, my hands, my body, my legs – EVERYTHING – takes on a singular objective. Its like everything else doesn’t even become secondary, everything else just becomes non-existent. there is just one single over-riding item that becomes entrenched in your mind, it just consumes you – the instinct to survive.

It was about 7:15 am on a Monday morning and I had just picked up some friends and was heading down to the University campus to drop them off as we were all going for the ski / snowboarding trip, and I wanted to get there before 7:30 am.

The boys wanted to know if my Camry could fly. Flippin’ understatement of the year.

I let her rip and we hit over 120 km/h on a two-lane city street. We were coming to an uncontrolled intersection when I spotted a car on my left coming from the intersecting street turning left into the center lane – the same lane I was in and from the opposite direction, another car turning right at the same time into the curb lane. The dude turning left into the center lane clearly could not judge my oncoming speed so I slammed on the horn and on the brakes. The boys whipped their heads to the front and God knows, maybe one of them was frantically whispering the shahaada in his head, as the brakes locked and the car began to slide, still hurtling along at over 100 km/h with the other two cars continuing their respective turns into either of the two lanes. The dude turning left couldn’t really stop because there was no marked island, and there was oncoming traffic as well.

It was at that point something else kicked in, I dunno … it was just primal instinct. My mind did a complete 180 and my foot automatically switched to the accelerator instead and slammed it into the floor and the car ripped forward. My fist was locked at the 12’oclock position on the steering wheel, my arm was out straight, my hearing tuned everything else out, my jaw was clenched hard and my head was facing slightly downward but my eyes were just white and locked on the road … and on the rapidly decreasing space between the two cars … a space that was my only chance to avoid slamming into either of the two cars, making a human meat and metal sandwich, and ending up in the hospital.

My Camry shot through with literally less than six inches of breathing space on either side, without even a single scratch. I didn’t bother looking back. If its not my time, its not my time.

Later on I pondered over a the mercy and wisdom of Allaah ta3ala – how He created this emergency reserve of adrenaline that cannot be brought forth by will. It comes forth when the situation calls for it, and the massive enhancement it brings to all your senses, to your muscles and your mind makes you feel like you could take Superman, beat him to a pulp and wipe the floor with his face.

Moral of the story: Don’t forget to read the dua when you start your car and drive safely 🙂


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10 Responses

  1. BeerOot says:

    u should name ur car hablatee and bro u need to get married and have someon hold u down crazy kid

  2. anonymous says:

    I gotta give u props for your driving skills. But how good would that adrenaline rush feel if u crashed and ended up leaving some children motherless or causing a mother to lose her child? Or if u caused someone to become paralyzed? Remember the hadith says something to the effect of tying your camel first and then putting your trust in Allah(swt). Allah gave us a mind and if we choose to be reckless then we will be held accountable for the outcomes. I’m just trying to remind u that there are some things that u can’t take back in life so u should reconsider doing something so reckless. And if u don’t care about your ownself then at least do what u gotta do on a race track and not on a city street 🙂

  3. Maverick says:

    If an accident had happened, it would have been the other driver’s fault for turning into oncoming traffic.

    But jazakallahu khayran for your advice.

  4. Salafiya says:

    Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

    Your poor friends. They’re probably never getting into a car with you again!

    Or maybe they will. I know I still get into the car with my brother =/

    Anyways, may Allaah keep you & your friends safe, Ameen.

    Stop driving like a maniac.

  5. Maverick says:

    I’ll stop when I’m married.

    She can hold me down. 😀

  6. starry eyes says:

    Salam 🙂
    That is so unbelievable… and you are incredibly expressive mashaAllah. I wondered if everything seemed to move in extreme slow motion like they show in the movies..

    :O subhanAllah

  7. Maverick says:

    Starry Eyes:

    Yeah, the adrenaline sharpens your senses, and allows your mind to process things much faster – so it does look as if things are going slow motion. When I was younger I was in a really bad car accident (I was totally not at fault) where my Civic slammed into a larger Cadillac and in the last split second before impact it was kinda eerie and slow.

    And after the impact, the pain was really massive and yes I know it sounds cheesy but my life *was* flashing in front of my eyes – just like they show in the movies, because it really does happen in moments like that.

  8. starry eyes says:

    wow :0 I was under the impression that things slowed because fear freezes your senses. I’m SO googling adrenaline now 🙂

    And apparently, pain is not a deterrant 😉 but Alhamdulillah, you survived. lol you don’t sound cheesy lol, I imagine in your state at that time, you were trying to grab on to what you thought was fleeting. lol..if that makes sense lol. SubhanAllah..

    Drive carefully ya saeed. Wa salam:)

  9. haha says:

    What kind of fag tries to show off in a Camry? Loser.

  10. maverick007 says:

    what kind of a fag has nothing better to do but to dig up old posts on the blog of someone he’s jealous of and write comments dripping with bitterness and envy? Loser.

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