Unbranded and home on the range.

The One You Feed.

YOU: The insatiable, seasoned, and relentless hunter. The wild, unearthly beast that stalks its prey without tiring. The cold dread that grips my heart when I hear your feral and unforgettable howl causes a slow paralysis. The mere sight of your massive fangs and tusks,  which can shred muscle and bone into raw curry in a matter of seconds, inexorably pumps fear into my veins like the nurse’s needle injecting serum into my arm. Much admired are your firm, toned, and sinewy muscles that propel your dark and hideous mass forward as you close in for the kill. Your hollow eyes, so empty and yet, at the same time so full of hateful bloodlust, are often the last, grotesque elements of horror that your quarry has the sick displeasure of witnessesing before you devour their life force. Read the rest of this entry »


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