Unbranded and home on the range.

Soul Soliloquy

Ya nafsiy, ya nafsiy, what has made you forget?

“…alaa be’dhikrillaahi tatma’ennul quloub….”

Ya nafsiy, ya nafsiy
What has made you so restless?
What has driven you to run after that which you cannot catch?
If you were given a mountain of gold, you would still want another!

Where will you stop?

When you have your nice Beemer or Cien?
When you have her at your arm?
When you have the Toll Brothers design your mansion?

Or, when you are six feet under?

What has made you forget your Ancestral Realm?
Those fields of joy and forests of serenity, where you can know no sorrow?
What has made you forget the laughter of its children that carries so softly across the clouds?
What has made you relent in your pursuit for the crown of honor and that which is sweeter than musk?
What has made you slacken in your desire for the majestic spires and the resplendent castles that await?
What has made you forget about her – she has been preparing to meet you since the day you were born?

Ya nafsiy ya nafsiy, where are you going?

“…fa ayna tazhaboun?”


12 Responses

  1. Zamil says:

    Alhamdulillah that was a strong reminder

  2. mehnaz/pathani says:

    mashaAllah i love it.
    did you write it?

    hmm what does the arabic mean exactly?

  3. maverick007 says:

    salams mehnaz

    Yea I wrote it a while back 🙂

    As for the arabic:

    “…alaa be’dhikrillaahi tatma’ennul quloub….” – This is from the Qur’an 13:28 and it means “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!”

    “…fa ayna tazhaboun?” – This is from the Qur’an 81:26 and it means “Then where are you going?”

  4. mehnaz says:


    jazak’Allah 😀 ”alaa be’dhikrillaahi tatma’ennul quloub” definitely sounded familar!

    i posted on some islamic forum and linked it back here….thats ok right? :$

  5. maverick007 says:

    yeah for sure, that’s fine

  6. sukkar&filfil says:

    nice poem. there isn’t much rhyming (if at all) but nice all the same, and a little thought-provoking.

  7. maverick007 says:

    oh its not a poem.

  8. Mahvash says:

    It seems I’ve read this on fb somewhere…

  9. maverick007 says:

    its 100% mine. And i’m no stranger to having people rip my stuff off of me – I’ve even had people print my online digital artwork and sell it all without my knowledge or permission

    • Mahvash says:

      ooo I’m not accusing you of stealing someone else’s word..sorry if it sounded like that.
      Anyways it’s written really nicely mashallah.

  10. Ruwayda says:

    That’s deep.

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