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The myth of Muslim support for terror

Ballen writes:

Only 46 percent of Americans think that “bombing and other attacks intentionally aimed at civilians” are “never justified,” while 24 percent believe these attacks are “often or sometimes justified.”

Contrast those numbers with 2006 polling results from the world’s most-populous Muslim countries – Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. Terror Free Tomorrow, the organization I lead, found that 74 percent of respondents in Indonesia agreed that terrorist attacks are “never justified”; in Pakistan, that figure was 86 percent; in Bangladesh, 81 percent.

See the original article from CSMonitor here and the Huffington Post’s take on it here.


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3 Responses

  1. Almira says:

    I agree that terrorists attacks are never justified. There is a diffrence between self defense, and intentionally harming undefiled people for the sake of getting someone elses attention half way around the world.

  2. sumaiya says:

    Articles like these makes you want to stick the sources up some certain people’s faces. Just plaster it with super glue.

  3. starry eyes says:

    lol SubhanAllah, people will only believe what they want to believe..and studies like these do not make any considerable difference (or so I’ve learnt, the hard way).

    Still, how ironic..that civilized people could justify loss of innocent lives …and the backward, oppressive Muslims could elect women as their leaders. lol SubhanAllah.

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