Unbranded and home on the range.

Vacationing on Mars.

Further to this post I wrote a while back, I’d like to link a Newsweek article that talks about privatizing space.

I’m sure some people reading this are going to take offense, as it seems space is such a territory that should remain “for everyone” but here are a few thoughts for those folks to consider:

1.) The article is about privatizing space travel. As in, allow private companies to pioneer new methods of space transport and housing, instead of relying only on government-associated entities such as NASA.

2.) In my view, outer space is a territory just like land, sea, and air. No one disputes that states, countries, and nations have claim over certain stretches of the Earth, and that these claims are enshrined within universally accepted and established political boundaries. So why not outer space? (Although this is not what the Newsweek article is discussing.)


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is worth way more than that. This photo is so freaking awesome, so unbelievably pregnant with meaning. and if you’re not Canadian [alas, poor you] then you Just. Won’t. Understand.

You take our poutine away and we’ll make the Paris street riots look like kindergarten sleepy time. We’ll make the Mongol hordes look like a bunch of Amish girls out picking daisies. Hell hath no fury like a Canadian denied poutine.



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IQRA! Read babeh, read!

Log off.
Tune out.
Shut down.

and open up.

It’s sad how many of us don’t read books anymore – whether printed or electronic versions. Everything is so transient, temporary, flitting, and gone with the wind. TV shows, Facebook, txt msgs, YouTubes, viral emails, etc. We’ve mercilessly butchered our attention spans right down to the bone.  

Yet, even in this age of hyper-indifference and information overload, the vast difference in the quality of time spent on reading a good book vs. loitering around in the endless online labyrinth still surprises me. Nothing tops the satisfaction of kicking back on the patio chair with a drink in one hand, and a good book in the other.

I happened upon a website which seeks to recommend handpicked, quality books across dozens of different categories. I found several books onsite that I personally have in my collection, including some of Malcolm Gladwell’s bestsellers, and more. I’ve endorsed it by adding it to my picks column, and I urge you to check it out.

So put down that remote control, silence your Blackberry or cellphone, turn off your ipod or radio, and log off of Facebook. Tune out all that stifling infogarbage, sit down with a glass of sherbet or a cup of coffee, and open up the sweeping, pine fresh vistas of a well-written, well-read book.

 Visit: Flashlight Worthy

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Observing the relentless and unstoppable evolution of humanity’s technological capacity, at a glance.


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