Unbranded and home on the range.



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WHAT THE FRANCE?! Do you love us or hate us?

Spineless Frenchies need to make up their mind about Islam. One day they’re all up in arms against Islam (banning the hijab) and the next day they’re tripping over themselves to kiss its feet (see below). Read the rest of this entry »

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Subprime Redux – Death Dealers

Wall Street never learns.

Despite causing one of the biggest financial crises in world history via the subprime debacle, Wall Street is back on the prowl like a serial murderer, and this time, its getting a lot more hideous. As the NY Times details in a story yesterday, Wall Street banks have whipped up a new plot that screams SUBPRIME MELTDOWN in a piercing, 120-decibel blast so shocking it leaves you gasping for breath as you try to figure out how low this class of humanity can go in its pursuit for fatter paychecks and super-padded bottom lines.

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What Vladimir Putin doesn’t want you to read.

Read this article first, on NPR about how GQ was blackmailed by the Russian government because of a story one of their reporters did on Russian corruption. GQ caved in and didn’t print the story online, nor in any of its international versions. It was printed only in the American version of the September issue, and even then buried deep in the issue, on page 246. It wasn’t even mentioned on the front cover, like many other stories are.

And then read the banned article, below.

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Saying Grace, reason No.# 8527

That fount of life experience, the hand that rocks my cradle, the voice behind the most powerful duas ever made for me … a.k.a my mom:

“You should be thankful that for being in such a country, and that you have so much food available during Ramadan”, she said while gesturing at the variety of dishes laid out before us for Iftar, “because back home in Pakistan its the complete opposite.”

I stopped eating and inquired: “What do you mean?”

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