Unbranded and home on the range.

Down, but not out.

You can take my money.
You can take my belongings.
You can take my friends and family.
You can take the roof over my head.
You can take the clothes off my back.
You can take my body to the limit, and beyond.

But you’ll never douse the white-hot fire of my eyes.
You’ll never breach the fortress of my will.
You’ve got nothing massive enough to corral my spirit.
You couldn’t survive the trip down to the depths of my passion.
You’ll make nary a dent in my resilience, no matter how hard you strike.

And insha’allah like my grandfather Dawood, no matter how small I am and no matter how big you are, you will meet me head on, face-to-face, and you will never see my back. I will be at the tip of the spear, at the head of the pack, completely unrelenting, entirely unyielding and utterly unrepentant.

And do you know why?

Come hither, and I’ll tell you.

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