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Why you gotta BE SO JEALOUS?!

This one’s for the ladies.

There’s different kinds of jealousy. The right kind and the wrong kind.

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Gallantry, Generosity, and Gentlemanly Grace.

This is a follow-up post to one I wrote not too long ago, asking the members of my gender to behave in a manner more becoming of a Muslim gentleman when dealing particularly with Muslim women. But on a broader scale, there are certain defining characteristics of a man that set him apart from just mere males. One of these timeless characteristics is chivalry, which unfortunately is found to be sorely lacking in today’s day and age.

I cannot possibly write an exhaustive list covering all the situations which would call for gallant and chivalrous behavior, but the general idea as you’ll see from the suggestions below, is to be courteous and respectful, generous, and sensitively aware of others’ comfort – in most cases below it refers to women – without them having to actually ask you or request such.

Here then, is a short and unfinished list.

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Gentlemen. I expect better.

You know, I dunno. I thought once a decent Muslim guy (living here in the West, educated, deeny, etc) gets past the age of 25, he should just know better. He’s been around enough at school and at work to be able to observe more refined conduct towards a wide range of society, if not pretty much all segments of the same. But there are always exceptions. Within the span of one week, fate brought three separate incidents to my notice, and all three involved Muslim guys showing either an appalling lack of chivalry or outright jerkiness.

Which brought to my mind a comment I wrote for Sr. Jannah’s blog not too long ago and I’d like to repeat it here, given the fact that one option I just don’t have is to drop a guy’s knees out from under him and introduce his face to cold hard asphalt, if he behaves like a jerk. Read the rest of this entry »

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David’s Heiress

Me and running don’t always see eye to eye. Some days it hurts more than others. But it doesn’t mean I don’t do it. I deal with it and I keep running because not everything that is good for you always feels good for you.”

– Lance Armstrong.


This is a story for Muslim women, about a young woman of their own, named Sarah.

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The 411 on (Muslim) guys who want to get married.

So, I was being asked by some women about characteristics of guys who want to get married (desperately or not). I’ve been around for a while, traveled the world over, and I’ve found some pretty common items wherever I go. Be it in North America, Europe, the Mideast, whatever. Please bear in mind some of the following are trade secrets.

Guys who want to get married, desperately or not, will do the following:

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