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Why you gotta BE SO JEALOUS?!

This one’s for the ladies.

There’s different kinds of jealousy. The right kind and the wrong kind.

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Dear Israel

Dear Israel,

Sit down and grab a cup of coffee. Lets talk.
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Memento audere semper

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, Read the rest of this entry »

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Do you have an IQ over 120?

Got this in the mail:

Only people with an IQ of 120 and over get the answer to this question.
Q: Find the 6th number in the series.

1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, …

Write your answer but not the process used to arrive at it. Just the answer.

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Yeah but you already knew this.

Greenwald could still teach you a trick or two.

Article from discussing [omg, surprise!] the media’s manipulation of certain terms in order to villify others and yet absolve yourself of the same crimes. Worth reading.

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How often?

A man was publicly berating his servant for repeatedly committing  the same mistake. Upon seeing such a scene, the Messenger [saws] advised the man to be patient and forgive his servant.

The man asked: “I have forgiven him so many times already! How often should I forgive him?!”
The Messenger replied: “As often as you wish God to forgive you.”

(Makes the Mariana trench look like a mere paper cut, eh.)

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The One You Feed.

YOU: The insatiable, seasoned, and relentless hunter. The wild, unearthly beast that stalks its prey without tiring. The cold dread that grips my heart when I hear your feral and unforgettable howl causes a slow paralysis. The mere sight of your massive fangs and tusks,  which can shred muscle and bone into raw curry in a matter of seconds, inexorably pumps fear into my veins like the nurse’s needle injecting serum into my arm. Much admired are your firm, toned, and sinewy muscles that propel your dark and hideous mass forward as you close in for the kill. Your hollow eyes, so empty and yet, at the same time so full of hateful bloodlust, are often the last, grotesque elements of horror that your quarry has the sick displeasure of witnessesing before you devour their life force. Read the rest of this entry »

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Error: Out of Memory.

The majority of times I have a fairly decent memory, regarding events, things, etc. And when it comes to names of people, connecting them with their faces, I’ve never had a problem – alhamdulillah.

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Random cranial diarrhea

Okay. I have way too much random crap floating around in the space formerly known as the Dark Abyss, a.k.a my brain. Usually the self-eject mechanism goes on every Friday evening but last week there was a nuclear meltdown and cranial reactors B4 through D9 went belly up. Which is why all the overflow is going here. Read the rest of this entry »

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Vacationing on Mars.

Further to this post I wrote a while back, I’d like to link a Newsweek article that talks about privatizing space.

I’m sure some people reading this are going to take offense, as it seems space is such a territory that should remain “for everyone” but here are a few thoughts for those folks to consider:

1.) The article is about privatizing space travel. As in, allow private companies to pioneer new methods of space transport and housing, instead of relying only on government-associated entities such as NASA.

2.) In my view, outer space is a territory just like land, sea, and air. No one disputes that states, countries, and nations have claim over certain stretches of the Earth, and that these claims are enshrined within universally accepted and established political boundaries. So why not outer space? (Although this is not what the Newsweek article is discussing.)

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