Unbranded and home on the range.

Super delusional and super patriotic?


Today while driving to work, I was annoyed by this bumper sticker on a filthy Ford Focus in front of me. Despite all the grime, I could see that it read:

“If you don’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.”

Do these people even really know what the hell that means? What do you mean you STAND behind our troops? That you’re supporting them somehow? What a bunch of BS. Its not like they were conscripted young men forcibly marched off to their deaths on God-forsaken killing fields halfway around the world, and now they need your sympathy and token gestures. They all VOLUNTEERED to do this. No one held a gun to their head. And its you … you and your gluttonous consumerist culture is what got those kids sent off to foreign lands like Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. These weren’t wars of a defensive stature you blubber-drinking obese ball of fat, they were wars of choice, engineered by your politicians who were being paid by the fats cats on Wall St., wars that were all about gaining control of resources in order to support the bottom lines of marauding gangs of pirates also known as multinationals, and the only reason these pirates and vampires are in business is because of YOUR greedy and malleable insignificant sorry asses which are so easily manipulated through concerted wars of PR and consumer-oriented media being waged here on Western soil.

Do you have any idea what our troops are doing? You stand behind them to what extent? Have you seen the faces of kids left orphaned, of widows and maimed and disabled people left in the rubble of their bombed out homes, wondering what crimie did they commit to deserve this? Do you support your troops when they kill, murder, rape, and pillage? DO YOU HAVE ANY GODDAMNED IDEA how much blood has been spilled to support your insatiable greed? Do you know how many farmers commit suicide every year in Latin America, Africa, and India just because they can no longer bear the slavery of the multinational elite, who are dedicated to nothing except the pursuit of self-preservation by stealing as much of your hard-earned disposable income as possible while paying the farmers and producers the equivalent of pennies per day?

Do you have any idea what you really are, you stupid clueless hick? You’re nothing. Nothing but a money-making enslaved zombie for these pirates. You’re cluelessly born into a life of servitude. From the very beginning your minds are whipped into shape so that you constantly pester your parents to buy you all sorts of toys and doodads that you’ll never get their money’s worth for. You’re sent off to school to be indoctrinated into their whitewashed version of history and their version of  “sound” economic theories. You’re then shunted further along the assembly line and bled dry by paying five or six-figure sums of borrowed money for a worthless education which they then turn around and blame for the ills of their own misadventures. And then you spend a significant portion of your life paying it all back, compounded with money on top of money that could have been put to better use. You run around prostituting yourself to HR managers so that you can be rewarded with prestigious entry into the corporate gulags and labor camps which are decorated with stunningly and unremarkably beautiful gray walls and cubicles, in an endless 9-to-5 rat race, all so that you can generate more profits for your employer who keeps you under his thumb because you’re being paid for your time, and not your efforts or leverage. You go home and you think you’re happy because you have three or four-figures worth of disposable income in your bank account (which MAGICALLY all of a sudden will cease to exist if God forbid you try to withdraw all your money at once), money which you’re gonna go blow it all on some sparkly glittery baubles and trinkets like a Sony TV or Iphone or your wife is gonna blow it on some over-priced cosmetics, the latest Manolo Blahnik heels, and Coach purses.

And that’s all if you’re lucky. Otherwise you’ll have to resort to the humiliating yet sweetly enticing candy cane called a credit card (with LOW INTRODUCTORY RATES!! OH MY!!), which you’ll be paying off at over 130% of your actual expenses on it, and yet again, another form of slavery designed to keep you tied down like that fat little hamster in his cage, constantly spinning the wheel and yet getting nowhere. Not even losing any weight while its at it.

You’re locked into a decades or even lifel-long struggle to pay off your mortgage – to what end? Your kids don’t want that house. They’ll sell it when you die and live elsewhere. You struggle to keep up your game face (and keep up with the Joneses’) so you can live the facade that is your double or triple-garage house with two or trhee cars parked out front which are in reality costing you a fortune to lease, maintain, service, fuel, and insure.

And if that’s not all bad enough – getting suckered to pay two or three times the total value of your assets – you’re bombarded with taxes and health bills which suck even more money out of you so that your politicians and their wealthy elite friends can continue living in the Hamptons while piling up their personal and corporate savings in offshore tax shelters.

Like Morpheus said, you’ve been reduced to just being a battery – an energy cell – to provide a constant and predictable stream of energy to your overlords while you lie blissfully unaware in a deep, artificially-induced state of sleep.

You think you’re alive, but you’re really already dead.


Surah al-An'am, ayah 122

“And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is in darkness, never to emerge therefrom? Thus it has been made pleasing to the disbelievers that which they were doing.” (6:122)


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  1. Mahvash Farasat says:

    I soo agreee with all the you mentioned in this entry.

  2. Mahvash Farasat says:


  3. BeerOot says:

    shoof ya walad still kickin it i see!

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