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The Ant and the Carpet

There is a story which Rumi tells of an ant that’s creeping across the carpet in a mosque, and the ant complains to God saying: “What is this, these bumps, and strange colours, and patterns, this must have been created just as a meaningless obstacle course, what a futile thing to have made.”

But of course the carpet maker, looking at it from above can see the patterns and the purpose of it, and can see that the whole thing is perfect.

And God is often like that. We often can’t make sense of the misfortunes because we are two dimensional, we are at ground level, we can’t see what it all means, but the servant of God knows (even if he can’t always see) that this is a manifestation of God’s will which is always perfect, always beautiful, and always with a purpose.

“Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose, glory to You!” (3:191)

And just like that ant continues on to its destination even as it navigates this seemingly meaningless obstacle course, so too should you never take your eyes off the ultimate destination of Firdaus. Trust that the carpet maker has indeed made something so magnificent and beautiful that it might even take your life away if you were try to comprehend it – because either your brain would explode or your breath would leave and never retun because of the sheer beauty of the Creation would literally leave you breathless- so continue on in this world and bear the bumps, the strange colors and patterns with grace.

The bumps that come with hardships of your job, of personal relationships, of physical or mental stress, of temporary discomfort, the loss of loved ones, the thin and stretched bank accounts, the harsh weather patterns, and so on.

Take comfort where you can, stop and rest and enjoy the limited view – since you can’t see the whole carpet – be in the world but don’t lose yourself in it.


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  1. Fatimah says:

    Loved your post…

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