Unbranded and home on the range.


FUN FACT: Over 60 million Americans believe the Sun revolves around the Earth.

Why? Because Americans are so advanced.

(All numbers expressed are percentages of Americans, unless indicated otherwise)

21: Believe President Obama is a Muslim.
47: Correctly identified him as a Christian.
39: Believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution.
25: Do not believe in the theory of evolution.
21: Believe in sorcerers, witches, and warlocks.
32: Believe in ghosts.
25: Believe in astrology.
40: Believe Obama instituted death panels.
41: Believe Saddam Hussein was involved with 9/11.
25: Percentage of Democrats who believe President Bush was involved with 9/11.
50: Believe Saddam had WMD.
20: Believe the sun revolves around the Earth.
49: Were able to correctly state that Judaism is older than Christianity and Islam.
41: Weren’t sure that Judaism was older than Christianity and Islam.
76: Could name at least two of the seven dwarfs from the Snow White story.
24: Could name at least two of the nine justices of the Supreme Court.
63: Young Americans who cannot find Iraq on a map.
90: Cannot find Afghanistan on a map.
35: Cannot identify on which continent the Amazon River is located.
75: Can correctly identify the Three Stooges – Larry, Curly, and Moe.
40: Can correctly identify the three branches of government – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

source: Newsweek


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