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Error: Out of Memory.

The majority of times I have a fairly decent memory, regarding events, things, etc. And when it comes to names of people, connecting them with their faces, I’ve never had a problem – alhamdulillah.

Until now. 😦

For the past two weeks, every weekday morning I’ve been leaving home and visiting my dad at the hospital,  before going off to the office. He’s been in there since he had a stroke, and is recovering alhamdulillah. This past weekend however, he was mistreated by one of the temporary night staff nurses, so me and my brother spent a lot of time finding out what happened and getting a complaint written up by my dad. Today morning I spent face-to-face time with one of the hospital’s senior patient relations officers, getting a handle on their investigative procedures, reporting, disciplinary measures, etc.

I didn’t realize how stressed out the stroke, and this weekend’s past incident, had made me become until I walked into the office early afternoon today. Janet* was in the office kitchen and I was talking to her for over 10 minutes, and yet I didn’t say her name once. I just couldn’t remember her name. And then during the conversation I asked her about how one of her team members was doing, whose name I couldn’t remember either.

Me: “So yeah, by the way how’s what’s-her-face doing? Uh … shoot. You know…, the one over by the window.”
Janet: “You mean …?”

– right then Laura* walks in –

Laura: “What’s her face huh? You mean me?
Me: “Oh hey! I was just asking about you, really!”
Laura: “yeah. WHATS HER FACE huh? suuurrre! haha.”

Laura went  back to her office as Janet continued microwaving her lunch and we finished our conversation. I stood in the kitchen for nearly five minutes racking my brain to remember the names of these two co-workers who I see every day.

No luck.

I went out into the hallway and spent another three minutes, before finally remembering. Man, talk about AWKWARD. I went up to their office door, knocked and it was Laura who opened it. I apologized to her and Janet for forgetting their names. Told them I was probably frazzled. Janet laughed and told me to loosen my tie from around my neck so I could get more oxygen to my brain. Man, it was just embarrassing.

Ironically, I’ll probably forget about this incident if my brain stays so fried like this.


* Not their real names, duh.

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  1. sukkar&filfil says:

    not uncommon. happens 2 me all the time. something i have on the tip of my tongue in the middle of conversation would disappear, and then i would forget what i was supposed to be talking about.

    sleep. lots of milk. then inshaAllah u shall be fixed 🙂

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