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August 13, 1983 – The first commercial cellular phone call is made.
1983 Fortune Magazine lists the cell phone as one of the year’s best new products … along with the Chrysler Mini Van, Sony’s Compact Disc Player, and Duncan Hines’ chewy chocolate chip cookie.
1983: Cellphone (two pounds, and as big and heavy as a brick) $3995
2009: Cellphone (four ounces, a wafer-thin flip phone) $0 w/ contract
8 out of 10: Number of people in the USA that own a cell phone – more than the number of people with a passport or internet access.
20 MILLION: Amount of American households that no longer use landlines.
3.25 BILLION+ : Globally, if cellphone users made up a country, it would be bigger than the USA, China, India, Russia, Mexico, France, and Japan combined.
1.5: Average life of a cellphone in years before its replaced.
500 MILLION: Number of outdated cellphones in the world that have yet to be thrown out or recycled.
$40 MILLION: value of copper that would be recovered if those cellphones were recycled.
$61 MILLION: value of silver that would be recovered if those cellphones were recycled.
$392 MILLION: value of gold that would be recovered if those cellphones were recycled.

Who pays most for cell phone service per year?
$131: Dutch
$137.44: Swedes
$500: Canadians
$508: Spaniards
$635: Americans

10: The number of points that your IQ can fall by when multitasking by answering calls, texts, and emails simultaneously.  That’s equal to one sleepless night, and a greater amount than smoking (causes only a 4 point loss).

Americans now text more than they talk.
MERRY CHRISTMAS: The first commercial text message.
2.9 TRILLION: Estimated number of text messages that will be sent worldwide in 2009.
2006: The first year that the word “texting” was recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Source: Newsweek


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