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WHAT THE FRANCE?! Do you love us or hate us?

Spineless Frenchies need to make up their mind about Islam. One day they’re all up in arms against Islam (banning the hijab) and the next day they’re tripping over themselves to kiss its feet (see below).

Paris Seeks to Become Capital of Islamic Finance

Tracy McNicoll
French politics might live uneasily with Islam–battling over burkas, sparring over veils–but French economists are keen to make Islamic finance a crisis buster in Paris. Finance minister Christine Lagarde is trying to attract Islamic banking, which has grown 10 to 15 percent a year since 2003 to become a global industry totaling more than $700 billion today. That’s a smart move: the global economic meltdown has made Sharia-compatible finance especially attractive. Islamic banking eschews much of the risky behavior that brought conventional finance to its knees, including speculation; it also prohibits interest, helping to prevent debt spirals. And since it favors long-term investment in real estate and infrastructure, it could provide much-needed cash for France’s economy. A 2008 report for lobbying group Paris Europlace argued France could become a global leader in the field, drawing $145 billion in capital by 2020 and challenging London’s current dominance in the West. To create a market in France, Lagarde is working to smooth out the remaining tax and legal obstacles to full Sharia-friendliness. Insiders think her friendly signals to Muslim investors abroad will outweigh her colleagues’ burka bouts.

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4 Responses

  1. sukkar&filfil says:

    ……… o_O ……….

    they are seriously weird. confusing. hypocrites.

    i totally undersand them though. i think it’s weird but i understand them…

  2. maverick007 says:

    The irony is that a substantial amount of the purse strings in mideast and malaysian finance are controlled by Muslim women … who probably wont take too kindly to the whole French ruckus about the hijab.

  3. sukkar&filfil says:

    hahaha… les gens francaise sont tres stupid! should have though about their economic relations with the muslim world first. i feel a lil good they underestimated us…

    same with the danish and dutch small businesses which have suffered from muslim boycotts!

    • encoredeuxfois says:

      You can’t make a generalization about the people of a country based on that country’s public policy. Granted France’s policy towards religious expression in some regards is angering, but their admiration or gratitude towards Muslim is not newfound. The Great Mosque of Paris was founded after World War One as a gesture of gratitude towards Muslims who had fought against Germany the war.

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