Unbranded and home on the range.

Wow look at the noor on yo fayce!

Your eeman must be like, at an all time high! damn wow! I mean, no really, you’re just positively glowing. lollamagizzlestimesomgtimesathousand!!!!!111

Scientists have recently discovered / confirmed that the human body actually does give off tiny amounts of light.

Read more here.

Oh hell YES. I always wanted to just freaking shine. Like, I wanna be my own flashlight. Hah! Take THAT, Energizer. Up yours, stupid scammers. I always knew there was something fishy about bright neon pink rabbits that wear shades. Its a freaking conspiracy to make us keep buying flashlights and batteries that are really just remote mind control devices invented by Pinky and the Brain to take over my presidential palace on Mars.



Filed under: Body Science, Miscellany

3 Responses

  1. sukkar&filfil says:

    LOL, but are you sure we emit light, as opposed to reflecting it?

    and please sit down and take regular breaths, ‘coz you are halucinating – brain OWNS the presidential palace on mars. wasn’t yours to begin with, hahaha!

  2. Umm K says:

    Salmaan, you mean men reflect noor from their women.

  3. maverick007 says:

    yes ma’am! on that point I have no disagreement whatsoever!

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