Unbranded and home on the range.

Into the dark abyss of horrific depravity.

Normally I don’t write about news events.

I don’t feel the need to. I have a really high tolerance level for the non-stop torrent of bad news day in, day out. The collapsing economy. People losing their jobs. People dying in senseless bloodshed. Murder, war, death, destruction, rampant shirk, rape and pillage, inhuman savagery, child abuse, indescribable torture, massive corruption, etc.

None of this makes me flinch or bat a single eyelid. Being a descendant of Dawud [AS], I’m a freakin’ awesomely unstoppable steam-rollin’ freight train. You can throw all the bad news you have at me and I’ll just smile at ya and keep right on comin’. This is the world I live in, and there’s always the bright side, there’s always the eternal hope I have for the celestial amount of khayr and goodness that humanity has within itself.

I honestly thought I had seen and heard most – if not all – of the depraved ugliness that humans can be capable of.

Until today.

Four cemetery workers have been charged with dismembering bodies after police found what they called “startling and revolting” conditions at a historic black cemetery near Chicago. [link]

If it were up to me, I would throw these depraved hayawaan into the most darkest, cramped, filthy rotten, snake-infested jail cell I could find, and I’d throw away the key. I’d give them nothing to eat except the rotten, maggot-infested carcasses of dead rats and the fecal excrement of vultures, hyenas, and other scavengers until they die. Or drown in the cesspool of their own bile, pus, and urine.

How dark, ugly, and rotten does your soul have to be to disrespect the bodies of the dead like this ?!


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One Response

  1. sukkar&filfil says:

    i donno which was more eeewww-worthy, your description of the punishments which you’d give them, or their actions towards the graves. punishment befitting of a crime, indeed!

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