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Why is ISNA so messed up?

I’ve just about had it with ISNA’s housing division.

They say its an interest-free housing plan …. “mainly because of faith.”


Mainly? So whats the other part?

To start, a lot of people within the community for years have felt uneasy with ISNA”s service offering. There’s just something wrong but you can’t put your finger on it. Maybe its about how when you mix together two or three legitimate contracts, you can actually end up with something illegal and haraam. But it was an option, and it was all that was available when we bought our house through them nearly eight years ago.

Recently because of some unexpected bills, I fell into three-month arrears. ISNA was gracious enough to keep things flowing as I got back on my feet and resumed regular payments, while also negotiating with them to reduce and finish the deficit. Then, ISNA hit a new low that shocked us so badly we didn’t quite understand it at first.

On a call with Tahir Qureshi at ICHC, the housing arm of ISNA, we were discussing a mutually acceptable deficit-reduction schedules. Year-end was coming up for ISNA and they didn’t want to show any deficits on their books when the auditors dropped by. Either because of that or because he really doesnt understand that ribaa is such a major sin, he asked us why we didnt just take a loan from the bank to cover the deficit.

There was immediate silence from our end because we didn’t understand what he was saying. We asked him to repeat and clarify.

He said we get a loan from a regular bank to fulfill the deficit and then pay them back in installments as per their loan repayment rules.

My mom tore a chunk out of him on the phone, sharply criticizing him as much as possible while yet maintaining her dignity. “Get a loan from a bank?!! THEN WHY DID WE COME TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!! If we could have just gone to any bank?!!”

Mr. Qureshi had no reply.

I wonder what ISNA would tell someone who wants to get married to protect their eeman? Just go grab a slut and drag her into bed! What if a highschool kid is feeling the pressure of exams and peers? Go snort some powder, beta! Looking for a good halal drink after a long day at the office? Why don’t you just hop down to the nearest bar and go bottoms up until you pass out on the floor, puking from all the alcohol? As long as ISNA’s stamp of approval is on it, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

What the hell is this crap?


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  1. أحمد المحمودي says:

    السلام عليكم أخي،

    Since when has this been going on ? I was also shocked last year when a bro studying in the US told me that ISNA decided that the start of Ramadan will be based calculation and not actual moon-sighting.

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