Unbranded and home on the range.

Fa’sabrun Jameel …

There’s a bro I know who’s in jail, he’s fairly young, about 18 or so. The following is part of a letter he wrote to his family counseling them to patience – when ironically, it was his family and friends who were always writing letters to him, advising him to be patient and not go give up hope.

“I don’t really know what to say as we already talk soooo often. All words of encouragement have already been exhausted, yet I still repeat Yaqoob (as)’s words when he truthfully said “Patience is beautiful!”This beauty is beyond the beauty a Man finds in nature, it’s beyond the beauty of a bride on her wedding night; it’s beyond the beauty of our glittering jewelry and it’s beyond the beauty of watching our wealth amass for a ‘secure’ future.Why? Because this is beauty that can only be encaptured by the heart. The majority of people can see with their eyes, hear wih their ears and smell with their noses. But Allah swt only hand-picks a few of His slaves to envision and perceive through their hearts. So be of those slaves. Steer your heart towards bliss by using it to guide you, by using it as your sense of perception, and by completely engulfing it in hope of Allah’s Mercy.

Have complete Yaqeen that Allah does not wrong His slaves. Every moment will be recompensed and the TRUE Beauty, the REAL Beauty, the ABSOLUTE Beauty which currently only resides as a sensation of the heart, will one day be actualized through sight, sound, smell & feel in their absolute PERFECT form inshallah.”

The beauty and strength of his letter left us all silenced and at a complete loss for words.


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7 Responses

  1. Almira says:

    That was a very nice letter he wrote, absolutely perfect.

  2. bluey says:

    may allah subhanna wa ta’ala give him and his family patiences and remove him from prison. Ameen.

  3. only_one says:

    subhaAllah he seems to be one of the 18 ppl who were arrested for no particular evidence? isnt it? subhaAllah may Allah azzwajal grant him more patience. i know friend’s sister is looking into one of the guy’s case..heart breaking..:sign:

  4. ilanaislam2e says:

    coupled with Qur’an in the background.
    my thoughts going back how I foolishly vented of impatience a few moments ago.
    *trying not to cry*

    dua it.


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