Unbranded and home on the range.


Imagine yourself gazing upon the Earth.

In near orbit.

There are a few massive yet graceful space stations in geosynchronous orbit. Ships capable of near-space travel dock at the station, disgorging dozens, or even hundreds, of tourists and businesspeople. Supply barges constantly ply established routes bringing vital supplies and refills to the station. Private space yachts glide about here and there, letting their owners enjoy unparalleled, sweeping vistas of the whole globe.

Farther away, nearly invisible against the sheer blackness of space, are smaller research stations. There, scientists are constantly developing new ways to fight diseases, to grow plants with greater crop yields, pioneering new breakthrough technologies for people who are blind or deaf, and finding new ways to improve the standard of living on Earth. Other, larger stations farther out in orbit serve as way-stations for massive freight barges returning from the moon, Mars, or perhaps even the asteroid belt, with cargo holds full of ore and minerals, en-route to planet-side industries.

Closer to home, imagine entire areas – miles and miles – of the Sahara turned into Africa’s breadbasket, thanks to new irrigation, soil engineering, and soil reclamation technologies. Famine on that continent has receded into the collective memory of its’ senior citizens and is now just a shadow of its former self, the remnant of a bad dream from which the world has woken up from and found Africa not only sustaining itself but even exporting grains and produce to other growing markets.

Imagine a time when national or even private entities have the capital and political willpower to go into failed states, recreate a new state that is free from anarchy and chaos, and to turn that nation into one that is productive and beneficial for all mankind, not just for itself or for a select group of few. Like the private equity buy-outs of our time, a conglomerate of financial titans could buy out an entire country and rebuild it. A group that would have the moral backbone and vision to see the project through, even if the margins and returns aren’t all that attractive. A group that realizes its better to have a mutual co-existence whereby the citizens of that nation can have access to a higher standard of health, education, financial opportunity and in return, the conglomerate may take advantage of efficient labor available to its own industrial clientele located in other countries.

Imagine a time when advancements in medicine allow for cellular regeneration technologies so advanced, and at such a stage whereby it becomes practical to construct entire organs from bio-printers that could spit out a healthy, functioning human heart in a matter of weeks, to save the life of a patient in dire need. Or to “print out” a new set of ocular implants to bring the gift of sight again to those who may have lost it in unfortunate circumstances, or perhaps never had it to begin with.

A time when nano-probes can be injected painlessly into the human body to clear up clogged arteries in a matter of hours, preventing probable heart attack, or to rebuild bone rendered brittle by the onset of osteoporosis.

A time when it becomes possible for unobtrusive cranial implants that manipulate the flow of emotion-altering chemicals in the brain to be used between husband and wife, leading to more intense and happier relationships. Or to induce true empathy between speaker and audience, or even to help teachers lift their pupils towards improved performance in class. Implants that can even help you learn and master new languages as fast and as easily as learning to ride a bike. Imagine how much faster you could spread da’wah and call people to the natural state of fitrah and eeman, if such language barriers were reduced or even eliminated by such technologies.

Imagine the unbridled, synergistic potential of a ten billion strong human race that has widespread access to, and availability of, quality education, better health-care, better opportunities for work and greater communication between the nations of the Earth. So much so that to have you or your child talking to a counterpart in Timbuktu, Buenos Aires, Reykjavik, or Beijing is as easy as talking to your neighbor while standing on the deck, sipping on some juice or a cappuccino. Such free communication, and the sharing of experiences and cultures, and frank exchange would lead to a better appreciation of diversity amongst the people of the world, greater tolerance for different views, and the proliferation of an unlimited amount of educational and life disciplines.

You and I can do all this.

We should do this, and more.


Because as Allah said in the Qur’an: “You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is good and right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah.”

To me, that means we should also take the lead in propelling the human race forward by leaps and bounds when it comes to the arts, science, technology, finance, business … and not just moral leadership. So when you study whatever discipline you’re in, do it with the right intention, and make sure you don’t suppress your imagination for what could be, for what should be, all that is good and better in this world. For too long we’ve made Islam become a dry religion of only beliefs and rituals, belying its true nature as a truly rich and complete way of life.

Hat tip to my dear bro Anes for providing the catalyst for the above post. 🙂


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4 Responses

  1. Z-Money says:

    Lost me and pretty much the rest of the ummah at “geosynchronous”.

  2. Maverick says:

    Haha, yeah … its not for everybody, fo sho.

  3. Rabyia says:

    I have to agree with Z-Money. Very vivid description. I don’t know about anyone else but me, I have too much world politics to deal with than to get in touch with my creative side.

    Maverick, exquisite post!

  4. […] on Mars. Further to this post I wrote a while back, I’d like to link a Newsweek article that talks about privatizing […]

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