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Expecting Fat?

So, we were at some party last night for some girl we know who’s getting engaged to some guy from the ‘hood.

And a bunch of us were sitting around discussing my idea for selling Drano-Coke at fast food restaurants. And in sum, I’ve concluded it probably won’t work for women but men should be just fine.

You see, if men eat junk food and then we have a swig of this drink to clear out the arteries, well that’s fine, it gets cleared out. But if women try to do it, it’ll probably work too. The arteries will get cleaned out quite nicely but because testosterone is manufactured from certain types of cholesterol, there’s a probability that all that fat getting cleaned out of womens’ arteries in the process will either:

a) Accumulate in the womb
b) Get passed on to the DNA of any future baby.

Since the function of x(Ri+S^2) / yx^3i > gf(4@p-2v) indicates that both outcomes are equally probable, what will end up happening in both cases is women using the new Drano-Coke formula will appear expectant and may be so in reality or it just may be loads of waxy fat accumulating in the form of an 8lb 2oz ball of … cherbie. Well, when she goes to the delivery room, the final product is either going to be a lot of fat or a baby that could be pure fat. In which case, the doctor herself will be confused because last time she checked, she didn’t do liposuctions.

So, if you’re a woman and you barely eat poutine and other ridiculously fatty stuff, then please stay that way and don’t increase it. And if you do eat a lot of it, then just make sure you don’t drink any of the new flavor of Coke.

cool? yes, thanks. ciao / chow


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  1. LK says:

    OMG what the hell haha

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