Unbranded and home on the range.

The Great _______ North?

After dinner I was sitting at the table going through the bills when I happened upon an insert from Sears advertising their (reseller) cellular phone offerings. Being in sales & marketing in the telecomm world, I started laughing at it right away. I flipped it over on its back and read out out loud where it said:

“… (our) network covers 93% of the Canadian population …”

Ever the critic, I laughed again and poked fun at their slick positioning statement, noting that it said 93% of Canada’s population, and not 93% of Canada – which the un-informed, just-outta-highschool Sears CSRs would be mistakenly saying on the customer service calls anyways, trying to sell the service to the vast hoards of Sears groupies.

Looking at my sister, I mentioned briefly about how “…when we look at cellular coverage maps at work, we know that they only cover the cities, towns and traffic corridors. Its not like they have all of Canada covered…” I finished off with waving my hand through the air: “The rest of it is all blank.”

My sister, ever the natural blonde, laughed briefly before a puzzled shadow came upon her face and she stared and asked: “Hey wait … isn’t the rest of Canada blank anyways?”


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One Response

  1. Taz says:

    After today’s bloody dump, it sure as hell seems all blank

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