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National Ummahgraphic

Belal just came back from Hajj and put up some damn nice pics on his Google gallery – click here to check them out. The pics were taken using a 3.2 MP Sony Cybershot camera.

The widescreen, panoramic pics are just fantastic, masha’allah. For some of the wide shots, he took over 15 individual shots, and some shots pan an absolute 180 degrees. After that he took the pics and very carefully digitially stitched them together in Photoshop to get the final result you see, especially in pics like this one, of Mt. Uhud and the nearby town.


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  1. Absolutely Marvellous says:

    Allaah Akbar, beautiful, just beautiful. They are amazing pics esp. the widescreen ones you have pointed out. I was just thinking two days ago of what digital camera to purchase, this has sold me.

    “….After that he took the pics and very carefully digitially stitched them together in Photoshop…..” I’d be interested in knowing a bit more about this, anything you know personally or tutorials etc.?

    May Allaah accept his Hajj – Aameen.

    (God! I am jealous like a five year old)

  2. Maverick says:

    For the cameras, the 3.2 megapixel (MP) cameras are decent, but higher ranges are available, including in the 10+ MP range – such as Sony’s SLRs available here: Sony Cameras

    Digital stitching is the process of taking multiple photos that have complementary edges and seamlessly blending them together. It involves matching up the pixels from a particular part of one photo with the pixels that represent the same in another photo. It involves color correction, pixel realignment, an eye for detail, patience, and more.

    I might put up a Photoshop section sometime.

  3. magnoona says:

    you can just use ptgui šŸ˜€

  4. Maverick says:

    Nice, nice … nice … tres interessant.

    But I do have Photoshop, which owns everything else.

  5. Mu7aaribah says:

    Man that’s so beautiful masha’Allah.

    I own a Sony Cybershot DSC-600. It does a great a job.

    Perhaps I should start a photo blog…

  6. Maverick says:

    Yeah, all of you should. Especially if you travel.

  7. magnoona says:

    Have you seen this guy?

  8. AlBaraa says:

    check it out: photoshop does it without all the effort…

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