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Of Men and their Harleys

ma dream harley


A few days ago me and my mom came home from out of town, after we were checking up on our other home and collecting the mail. Well, one of the adverts was from Harley-Davidson, and this bike was on the front cover, with a rider bringing it around a mountainside curve. I turned to my mom and very determinedly asked her to get over her fear of motorcycles so that I could buy myself this one. She just laughed and said nothing.

See, my father got into a motorcycle accident as a young man. It was pretty bad.

And then a few years later, his brother (my uncle) died young, in a motorcycle accident.

They say history repeats itself but in this case, I quite simply can’t give a damn. If in this day and age I can’t have a horse then I can sure as hell strap myself onto that baby and ride her ’till God decides between her or me. I cruise at 200 km/h in my Camry. Alas, if only I could do that on a Harley.

Dangerous? Speed kills? Psshht. Hey, if its my time, its my time. At least I wanna look respectable and go out in style as I get carted away on a stretcher, pronounced DOA.

Anyways. If the women in my life are decidin’ … well, then it just ‘aint happenin’.

My mom said no. Hell no.


Damn I wish I was your lover
I’ll rock you till the daylight comes


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10 Responses

  1. Abu Dakku says:

    Subhanallah brother I would leave my wife for that..but then again u can prolly get more wives with that… its cheaper to get this as its merely a one time expense and getting a wife is like renting a house and buying it also…brothers we all need to get a hold of these beautiful creations of Allah s.w.t …They are safe,they are beautiful and they cant scream at you…May Allah s.w.t make it easy on us. Ameen

  2. Adnan says:

    damnnnnnn….i’ve seen a whole lotta harleys…but gotta really give it to this one…
    love the sleek design and especially the “retro/yet new” lookkkkk

    Ebay here i come !

  3. Lalchi says:

    ~ whistles

    hellloooooooo 2nd wife … dammmmm how much is her maher?

  4. Ummtaymiyyah says:

    Omigod you guys are so weird!

    It is a pretty bike though…but i wouldnt spend that much.

  5. Maverick says:

    Whats so wierd? we’re guys.

    women. cars. bikes. houses. food. shiny toys.

    Its not that hard to figure us out.

  6. Absolutely Marvellous says:

    IF..IF..I had the choice between that Harley and this Yamaha YZF-R1 (2007) it’d be the latter:


    O Mama.

  7. Maverick says:

    AM … but who says you don’t have a choice?

    You can have the latter one if you want, if you’re into sport bikes that is.

    I like the cruisers.

  8. Hala says:

    boys and their toys………

    (rolls eyes)

  9. brotherhood says:

    salaam, nice bike! 😀

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