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She did WHAT?!!!

My brother-in-law was over tonight and during a conversation, he was telling me about some of the crazier insurance lawsuits he’s read about during his sojourn so far as a Director of the Insurance division of a large insurance company. He said the most retarded one (sic) he had ever come across was as follows:

A woman was sued by her daughter for bodily injuries sustained while the woman was driving a car which was involved in an accident.

(So I’m thinking, Yeah okay, thats not a big deal. Kids do even worse to their parents these days)

The kicker is: The woman was alone when driving. There was no other car. She had gone out during some bad weather, her car hit some black ice, skidded and rolled into a ditch. The car was totaled and she was injured.

And her daughter? A five month old fetus inside. Also injured during the accident.

The accident was only a couple of years back. December 2000 to be exact. The mother was the defendant, and the daughter (who was born blind, brain-damaged and somewhat paralyzed) was the plaintiff. The mother (and her husband) hired the lawyers for their daughter, and the lawyers sued the mother on the child’s behalf. In cases involving insurance, the lawyers are actually suing the insurance company. After the child turned three, the case moved forward and dragged on for about a year or two through the courts. Recently the final ruling was handed down, and the child won, thereby forcing the insurance company to pay for years and years of 24/7 expensive medical care.

The law has set a new precedent whereby, as per a 1999 landmark ruling by the Supreme Court, children cannot sue their mothers for damages incurred while they were in-feta. But the Court left a loophole whereby the exception is made if it was in a car accident.

Read more:

Apr. 2004: Legislation to allow girl to sue mother put on hold
Dec. 2005: New Alberta law will permit some lawsuits against mothers
Dec. 2006: Alberta family wins landmark settlement for injuries to fetus


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3 Responses

  1. Hala says:

    Psychotic. but its like you say “welcome to earth” .

    crazy happens.

  2. Taz says:

    F. that – I wanna know what happened to the frikkin lawyer who was handling the case for the insurance company. Sucker. I wonder if he ever gets any car insurance now from any insurer.

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