Unbranded and home on the range.

Ordering a drive-by …

It was a scene out of a mob movie. The assassin came up the stairs with the weapon in her hand. She had her orders. She saw him sitting in his room. She raised the weapon and …

... he turned around and said “Yo! Be careful! You’re going to spill it all over the floor.”

So there I was sitting in my room doing my work at my computer. There’s a knock on my door and I tell my youngest sis to come in. I didn’t pay much attention until she got close to my table and that’s when I turned around to look at her. She was laughing, for some reason. She was kinda tipsy too, and couldn’t stand up straight. And there was a mug of cold water in her hand that was keeling over dangerously and the water was going to drop on the carpet.

So I was like, Le Confused.

She sat down on my bed, still laughing her head off until she mustered enough strength to say it. Apparently it was a botched hit job. Mariya had begged my sister to go dump some cold water on my head in retaliation for a perceived insult. My immediate reaction was utter horror at the influence Mariya was gathering. This was the beginning of La Cosa Mariya or something. Needless to say I’m in shock and considering entering a witness protection program. I know they say “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” – but this is something else entirely!

I need some bodyguards and water-proof kufis, stat!


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11 Responses

  1. Umm Asiyah says:

    Assalamu aleykum

    plz put the link of the blog of umm tayyab on ur blog so she wont be forgotten..and ask others to do the same

  2. Maverick says:

    Way to go? Don’t get any ideas now.

    Unless of course you’re already on La Cosa Mariya’s payroll.

  3. Umm Khawla says:


    Could it be that Mariya is on Umm Khawla’s payroll?

    Its all a Mind Game..

  4. Maverick says:

    Maybe. But I’m too busy for mind games, sorry. 🙂

  5. mariya says:





    yeah it was fun

    i guess

    fyi ppl, i did not beg his sister…she gladly agreed…:P



  6. Umm jESAs says:

    =O Mariya ! gandi bachi!

  7. mariya says:

    No…me achi bachi…ask anyone. =)

  8. Maverick says:

    Don’t look at me. I don’t give out referrals anymore.

  9. Salafiya says:

    man, last time I threw water at my brother I got yelled at. *sighs* lol

    mariyah, that was so funnay.

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