Unbranded and home on the range.

You must be hearing things …

I always hear the funniest things from my sister. Her words somehow get twisted in mid-air through an invisible game of Telephone before they reach my ears, even though she might be just a few feet away.

So my sister, my mom, and I were sitting around making small talk after I came home. I was at BK again and my sister was going off on a rant about how Coke was bad for my health, with what aspartame and all, and my mother was nodding approvingly, saying “beta you should watch your health, yes.”

That prompted me to regale my mom with pompous, tongue-in-cheek talk about how I am young, and this was the time for eating and drinking, fast driving, partying, etc. I was lying down as I said this and then I thought about my idea of a drink which would clean cholesterol and waste by-products from my arteries, so I sat up, all bright-eyed and reassured my mom that all would be fine, that my company would produce such a drink and I would make my millions by selling it to all the junk-food corporations so that they in turn could tell all the stupid health-care advocates to shut up and stuff it.

My mom began to laugh and said “Wow so, your company is going to go from making nice designer clothes to making … Drano for the human body? What next?” I was like yes of course Mom. My sister turned her head and said what sounded like: “Really? Wheren’t you planning on making TVs with goats?”

Good thing I didnt have any Coke in my mouth then.

In fact she had said “Weren’t you planning on making hotels and boats?”


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4 Responses

  1. Abu Sulaiman says:

    It’s all about Nestea, sometimes I drink 2L because of its incredibly amazing taste.

    I know this one guy who used drank C-Plus, so often that, he got sick one day and the colour of his vomit was orange. I guess there’s a limit to everything… except of course Nestea!

  2. Maverick says:

    yyea … uhuh… right. I always knew you paid attention to details man.

    Great observation skills too.

  3. salafiya says:

    I love that game. Telephone.

    It just goes to show that girls who gossip are going to get one minor detail (and sometimes major) after another wrong until it’s completely unrelated to the original piece of gossip. No wonder gossiping is forbidden. lol…

  4. […] And a bunch of us were sitting around discussing my idea for selling Drano-Coke at fast food restaurants.  And in sum, I’ve concluded it probably won’t work for women but men should be just fine. […]

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