Unbranded and home on the range.

Go screw yourself.

See, you would agree with me that most businesses and corporations, when they are facing a major challenge, they seek out someone (either internally or externally) who has the proven skill-sets, experience and track record on turning such challenges into successes. So, you see Ford appointing industry veteran Allan Mulally to turn around the automaker’s misfortunes when Bill Ford Jr. couldn’t cut it as the CEO. Similarly, when other corporations such as Nortel and Merck were found wanting, they also started trimming the fat and appointed leaders who had considerable amount of demonstrable experience for the role they were placed in.

So, certainly one would be appalled to learn that one of the largest entities on the face of this Earth continues, year after year, to get it so horribly wrong with its largest target market, pun intended. Over a billion souls that you would like to see buying into your vision yet you continue to lose focus and shoot yourself in the foot?

Yes you heard that right folks. Down here we have a term for such massive, self-inlficted incompetence. Its called Go Screw Yourself. That’s what we call it when we sit back and have a laugh at your expense when you appoint an amateur like Karen Hughes to lead an ill-advised PR campaign on improving her country’s image in the Muslim world.

Seems like she’s been complaining that America’s string of denial-of-entry for Muslim scholars has worsened its image in the Muslim world. Genius. She’s an absolute flipping genius for figuring that one out.

But the question is: Why in the world, would you appoint a neophyte to fix the marketing campaign for an inherently defective product, and expect success … instead of tossing out the wold product completely and go back to the drawing board to design an entirely new product? Especially when its been shown that the target market just doesn’t accept the stinking product, your previous marketing and PR campaigns have failed spectacularly – Karen is the third person to hold the job in three years – and that your current appointee has had no prior experience with the target market and also has had a lengthy series of embarassing and glaring setbacks?

If the idea is flawed from the get-go, then no amount of expert maneuvering and execution is going to bring it to life. It’s dead on arrival, dead on the delivery table. So why keep attempting to revive a horrible idea?


From Newsweek: “In recent weeks, Karen Hughes, under secretary of State for public diplomacy and the president’s former communications adviser, has protested directly to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that an increase in the number of high-profile “exclusions” of Muslim figures is creating major public-relations problems for the United States overseas…”

Read the rest of the article here.


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