Unbranded and home on the range.

Are we there yet?

No, of course not honey! Can’t you see we’re going in circles?

The Big Ruckus Down Under.

Is it just me? Or is the Western concept of “free-speech” so blatantly lopsided and biased that the misleading moniker should be revised to say “we-speech” ? Why is it that you feel you can say damn well whatever you want about who ever you want, yet when someone else exercises that same right and criticizes you or your statements, you cry foul?

So here we are down under where Shk. al-Hilaly made comments comparing uncovered women to “exposed meat”. And as expected, the ever so predictable anti-Islamic bigots Howard & Co. started spouting vitriol about how these comments were out of step and unacceptable.

Aww. Boo hoo.

Ratcheting up the ante another notch in this oh-so-placid debate is Imam Abdul Jalil when he suggested recently that women would be safer if they dressed appropriately.

What a new concept! Dress appropriately for the situation outside and you’ll be safe!

If its raining, you wear a rain jacket!
Cold and snowing? Wear a sweater and a parka!
UV Index real high today? Wear sunscreen and full-sleeves!
Perverts walking around? Are you stupid or what? Maintain some modesty! Duh!

Mr. Carpenter said some of the comments being made by leaders could “only provoke unfortunate reactions”. He was referring to the usual spate of anti-Islamic incidents whereby gullible and naive hicks spew their anti-Muslim hatred at whatever’s available and handy: the local masjid or Islamic school. The glaring question in everyone’s mind is – where was Mr. Carpenter and such statements when the cartoon controversy was gaining steam? Where was his rapid condemnation of “leaders’ comments” when Blair & Co. were railing against Muslim women who choose to observe niqab [the veil]?

Whats up with these double-standards? And then they have the gall to claim moral superiority?

Get with the program dudes. You either play fair or you play dirty. If you want to play fair then you accept the same rules for yourself as you would like to impose on others. And hey, if you want to play dirty then all bets are off, si? You want to go down that rabbit hole, sure.

Let’s see how far it goes.


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3 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    I’ve been there before.

    It’s a deep hole.

  2. Muslim Apple says:

    Just because other people have double standards and play dirty doesn’t mean we should as well. A Muslim should be on a high standard of manners and speech and if we fail in this, this is may be an indication of our weakness of emaan.

  3. Maverick says:

    True, but I was referring to playing the moral card and avising them not to throw rocks at others while they live in glass houses. Playing dirty would have meant an in-your-face PR campaign against their glaring immoralities.

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