Unbranded and home on the range.

The Italian Job

What the $%#*!! Does the Mafia run PizzaPizza or what?

So, its late at night and I’m burning the midnight oil, and someone suggested food. Being a guy, I can’t resist a good bite. I already had dinner but I was still starving. I wanted some pizza, or a burger, or some poutine. Something thick and juicy I could sink my teeth into, stuff my mouth and later pat my belly. So, I go online to Pizza Pizza’s website and I’m like, totally suckered by their false advertisin’ ya know?


$6.50 for a small pizza and I’m like hey, that fits the bill. Lets have it. So I add on two toppings and opt to have it delivered and … *sticker shock* … the price more than doubled!

Order Summary
Price Items
—– —–
9.20 Small Single Pizza
Whole: Fresh Mushrooms,
Black Olive
0.59 Dipping Sauce
Creamy Garlic
Order Total
Order Total : $9.99
Delivery Charge : $2.75
Tax Amount : $1.78
Grand Total : $14.52
You have paid by Credit Card.
Your Order Total is : $14.52


So they called me up to verify the order anyways. Moronic, stupid, robotic girl at the other end of the line rattles off the grocery list of mandatory and monotonous say-ables. I stopped her and asked her how the price for the pizza jumped from the advertised $6.50 to $9.20 before any other variables were factored in such as dipping sauce, delivery, tax, etc and she basically reads off the entire receipt (see above).

I seriously felt like Trinity from the Matrix when she said “I don’t have time for this s–t.” when Merovingian was pulling his Arrogant Frenchman routine. so I stopped her solid and told her bluntly that she didn’t listen to my question and she’s like *gasp* .. “oh?!” as if I had just committed blasphemy. I asked her again how come the price went from 6.50 to 9.20 with only two toppings … she replied with an embarassed voice “oh hmm its $1.35 per topping…”


I guess its the mob running Pizza Pizza now.

I have to find a better pizza store.


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4 Responses

  1. Superman says:

    I always felt like that when I had my cell contract with Rogers…..worst two years. Pizza Pizza is a different story.

  2. abu_ibraheem says:

    salam ,

    what will you do now, pizza pizza is your second home. Everytime we want to go out and eat you pick pizza pizza. what will it be now ?

    Abu Ibraheem

  3. Maverick says:

    I’mma put on the schmooze cologne and try to get some free sauce from the counter guy (like WOW you save FIFTY-NINE CENTS per tub!!) next time we all go out … or we go elsewhere.
    Gimme some ideas man … ‘cuz this is an absolute disaster … I cant go to Pizza Pizza?
    I’m gonna die

  4. Taz says:

    DoubleDouble zindabad, man!!

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