Unbranded and home on the range.

To die for …

You know something?

I have stuff people want to kill me for.

And instead of trying to get rid of that stuff, I’d rather hold on to it pretty tightly.

Since you’re dying to know… cliquez ici … 


Filed under: Solace

5 Responses

  1. amirah says:

    nice may Allah protect you!

  2. BintMuhammed says:

    MashaAllah thanks for the reminder. We have more to be greatful for and less to be sad about

  3. Umm Adnaan says:

    MaShaa’Allaah a good one..
    made me thankful aswel..alhamdulillaah

  4. Mujahid says:

    mashAllah. Great post.

    Speaking of blackberry’s, is teh Blackberry Pearl any good? Am planning on getting one and wondering if I should invest in the Pearl.

  5. Maverick says:

    I personally dont like the skinnier models. People didnt like the fatter ones because it felt like you were holding a calculator up to your ear but I couldnt care less.

    Dont get a BB unless you have some serious time-sensitive emails to reply to almost everyday – business purposes – otherwise you’re better off just going with any of the nice cellphones out there.

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