Unbranded and home on the range.


My Dua’ … my hope … my sanctuary … my unbreachable shield.

I was born with the gift of my voice, of learning how to speak and being able to speak – for there are so many that cannot speak as they were not granted this magnificent ability by Allaah, for reasons known best to Him alone. And just like a master blacksmith has command over what’s in his hands and so he fashions it as he wants; just as a songstress writes her song, and just as the master craftsman designs a house – so too do I fashion my shield. ‘Tis lighter than a feather, more malleable than Dimashqi steel, more stronger than titanium and covers me better than my own skin.

It is what I use to keep the wolves at bay, it is what I use to shade myself when the heat of life beats down mercilessly. It is what I use to carry myself and my family through the oceans of doubt and uncertainty, and to shelter them during the storms of unrest. All these years, it is what has kept me protected from the poisoned arrows, and even when the pulverizing sledgehammers came down, it did not betray me.

But rather, it has only grown more stronger and more beautiful through the years.



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